Material of Tiffany lamps

Tiffany Style Lamps would be made of high end glass, thickness of stained glass could not over 3mm, comparing with ordinary glass, the surface is not smooth, almost would be not with patterned, the stained glass would be plain glass, patterned glass and spot glass, which is not transparency, features of colorful glass, all the colors could be made according to the lamps, we had better not add the color, the cutting surface would be the same with the surface, so the stained glass shade would not fade colors.

Tiffany Style Lamps

Brass material
Shade of Tiffany lamps would not be seen the material, so the glass could be not connected into brass, so the brass could be around the hemline, which could be connected with the ugly part. Brass could not be with glue, it is 0.2 thick and 4 wide.

Tin line: tin could be the important material of Tiffany shade, surface shade would be equipped with black striped, combining glass pieces with the ugly part.